We just want a re-skin

Sure, we can do that. We can also do a whole lot more as FitStar found out.

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If you liked our "before" you'll love our "after". Check out the new redesign!


We have something to admit. We don't know what a re-skin means. If your site wasn't doing the job before, a fresh coat of paint isn't going to help. As with every reno, the same question will inevitably get asked, since we've already come this far, shouldn't we just redo the kitchen too? Well, we asked that question and then ripped everything back to the studs.

Quick Look

  • FitStar was acquired by Fitbit in 2015
  • Website design, development, and content strategy for 2 product launches
  • Application UI and UX for FitStar for the web
  • Design and development of email and landing page campaigns
  • Over 11,000 calories burned by the Filament team using FitStar
  • Fun Fact: We hate high knees. If Tony asks us to do high knees again, we'll hunt him down
2013: Fitstar.com Redesign

The Start Of A Great Relationship

We’re going to try and limit the fitness puns but you’ll forgive us if we stretch this out a little bit as we get warmed up. This story isn’t about design—though we did a kick ass job of that – it’s about how we kept pace with a fast-moving startup and became a strategic partner in their journey to acquisition.

After meeting the FitStar team in San Francisco, we knew that even though what they had in mind would have been fine, we just weren’t happy with fine. What began as a re-skin with a tight timeline quickly turned into a great partnership and process. We used audience interviews to inform new content and fresh copy writing, integrate social media more strategically to grow their community, and completely overhaul the information architecture to focus on activation and conversion flows. Oh, and we did it all in just 10 weeks.

FitStar Redesign 2013
2014: Fitstar for the web

Building on a Solid Foundation

After the launch of the site, FitStar enjoyed triple digit growth for sessions, and users. Being named one of the App Store's best of 2013 didn't hurt either.


Increase in session length

With more users - and their feedback — the objective to make fitness accessible for everyone without an iPhone became more urgent. We lunged (last fitness pun, promise) at the opportunity to work with the team to design FitStar for the Web.

FitStar For The Web
FitStar For The Web

...we kicked out over 250 screens and multiple user flows, inclusive of activation, onboarding, and commerce"

Working tightly with their engineering team, we figured out the best way to streamline file delivery and feedback through rapid prototyping and iterations. Working on a less-than-leisurely time frame, we tackled a new (to us) piece of design software (Sketch) and after repeated, lonely screen-yelling sessions, we kicked out over 250 screens and multiple user flows, inclusive of activation, onboarding, and commerce.

The responsive app exercised (leeway, c’mon!) our UI and UX chops and Fitstar finally had a way of reaching more individuals without an iPhone to help further their mission of fitness for all.

2014: Another FitStar.com Redesign

New Heights

Tony Gonzalez, the personal trainer for FitStar: Tony Gonzalez, the same objectively handsome, 17 year NFL veteran, nutrition and fitness guru and FitStar original was about to be joined by super model and yogi Tara Stiles.

FitStar was moving from a single product brand to a platform with multiple products; FitStar Personal Trainer and FitStar Yoga.

Two phone screens showing Fitstar website

This shift required some rethinking on the website IA and flow as well as content and design. Experience and knowledge translated into speed and efficiency and we knocked out some options and ran it by the rest of the team – after all the work we’d done together, it felt like the the Filament and Fitstar teams were one and the same.

The original site planned for a single product with the brand message playing a secondary role. With Fitstar becoming partners with so many fitness brands (Strava, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal) the brand was evolving into something more and that needed to be clearly articulated. The new site, with new content strategy and new user flows, allowed users to select their product (activity) and platform (web or mobile) of choice with high efficiency right from the home page hero to maximize conversions. We also developed the fitstar store to help sell partner-bundled merch and FitStar subscriptions.

Photo of different conversion views
2015: Localization & Campaign Collateral

Going Global

With FitStar growing as rapidly as it was, acquiring new users every month, a highly engaged community sharing their fitness stories to inspire and motivate others, it made sense for FitStar to join forces with another equally awesome and like-minded company. Fitbit acquired FitStar in early 2015.

So much can happen to relationships during events like this. We were super happy for our friends but selfishly, we didn’t know what it meant for us and our work together. Luckily, it meant that we got to focus on building out the FitStar site to be localized in 5 languages including Chinese.

Being part of the Fitbit ecosystem also meant that campaigns and promotions were kicked into a higher gear and required a design and content strategy. We sharpened their marketing tools and developed a library of templates and promotion campaigns for use on their outbound platform for drip or direct acquisition.

Be the best version of yourself. Wherever you are.

Chinese translation of 'Be the best version of yourself. Wherever you are.'

Not every start up has an amazing journey like this, but we've been a part of two major stories. We'd like to think that our design and development plays a crucial role in user acquisition and growth-something that a re-skin just can't offer.

We're happy to chat about our experience and to see if your startup could use a hand. We'd also love to work together.

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