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Success isn't an accident, it's deliberate. From the clients we collaborate with, to the teammates that call this place home, we've found that focusing on finding the right fit is as important as finding the right projects. Let us show you what we value and then get in touch if you think we're aligned.


Matt Hryhorsky

Creative Director

I hail from Oakville, lived in a tour van, played music in Japan, and have settled in the east end of Toronto, near the beach. I believe that nature is healing for the soul. I hate working out but will paddle a canoe and portage for kilometres with a smile on my face. I believe many of the world’s problems might be solved over hot, fresh bread and butter. I believe in working with your hands, the mitre saw, and measuring twice to cut once. I think that design is perfect when you are done taking things away. I believe in love at first sight — thankfully my wife did too. I grew up in a house where you had to wear slippers. I am not, not a neat freak, but I think washing dishes to wash dishes is silly. I like to play instruments that have strings on them. To my son, I am a good stand in for Rafi, Sharon, Lois, and Bram and a passable Taylor Swift (she has better hair). I believe teaching is uncovering what’s possible, unleashing curiosity and building confidence to redefine your potential.


Steve Megitt


Raised in the city just north of Toronto, left the 905 to #theSix, but not before turning my parent’s basement into Filament HQ. I may have had board meetings with my two springer spaniels, Chester and Bosley. I favour candour and direct communication because solving problems means sometimes having hard conversations. I do not read instruction manuals and have never sustained a power tool injury. I like to dig holes, put green stuff in the ground then fill the holes back in. I do this a lot. I find time to enjoy almost any terrible movie. I try not to be snobby about coffee but I like what I like. My wife thinks I can fix anything. I have fooled her. I don’t believe that anyone is as good of a multi-tasker as they think they are. Melted cheese is the best cheese. I think that anyone who thinks that the strength of a company’s culture is directly tied to the number of beers in the fridge is doing it wrong. I believe in the team and the power of gifs to convey the most appropriate sentiment in almost any situation. I think short punchy sentences are great.


Trevor Davson


Half South African, half a distant relative of Manchester United Legend Paul Scholes. Obviously, that makes me a Tottenham supporter. I believe that slow and steady wins the race and pragmatism trumps idealism on any given Sunday. I also think that Any Given Sunday is a terrible movie. I believe in right angles and colour coding. I believe that you think I’m OCD and you might be right. I like cheese in many forms but mostly cake form. I used to beat on hollow cylinders covered in tight polymer resin and kept good rhythmic time. I might be the only person to think that Al Pacino is overrated but I’m not alone in thinking that cuddling with a dog is highly underrated. I kick balls in nets, and I do it almost as often as shopping for vinyl.


Kenzie Ryder


Before Toronto, I have called Oakville, London (the Ontario one), and New York home. I think that Never Been Kissed is the best movie of all time. I believe that the best clothes come in either black or white, but I don’t see life that way. I am at one with the world when cooking a meal, with a glass of wine in hand, and my mother by my side. I believe that travel is chicken soup for the soul — even though I don’t like chicken soup. I think inspiration can come from anywhere because design is everywhere, and a new perspective is always around the corner. I have an affinity towards triangles, the number eight, and tequila. I don’t believe in hair dye. I believe that food and yoga should be spicy and hot, respectively. Paddle boards are for standing and desks are for sitting. My job is better than most.


Taha Jalil


I’ve lived in so many places that it might need a map montage like in the Indiana Jones movies. I think curiosity is the best trait and I love that all I need to do great work is a laptop and a reasonably good internet connection. In code, I’m always looking for efficiencies, which may be the reason why I express a limited number of emotions—why have five when three will do the same job? I am not a robot. I’ve eschewed a life of pushing numbers in excel columns for creating towering lines of code to build tools to make people, and the world, happier. I believe that groups, when working together, can solve any problem. I think that right now is the best time to be alive, and not because of the wide range of iced teas currently available. I believe that life is both finite and infinite at the same time. There’s no limit to learning but with a limited amount of time on earth, I believe in learning enough to leave something behind.


Andrea Dubecki


I was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo in a family that included several cats and a dog. My family are my friends and my friends are my family. I believe in rock n’ roll and true love. I am happiest when surrounded by my favourite people, a couple bottles of wine, and good tunes. I genuinely enjoy talking about the weather and believe that communication can solve all problems. I love building beautiful things on the internet and collaborating with tons of talented, creative folks. To say that I laugh a lot would be an understatement.


Sarah Blazak

Operations and Project Manager

I grew up in the Forest City but moved when I was 14 to the Queen City. I now call the Big Smoke home because my fiancé put a ring on it. I believe that you have no idea where the Forest or Queen Cities are located and that’s ok. I believe in Beyoncé and that spending less than $100 at Target is worse than the Bengals losing on Sundays. My Shorkie, Izzie, isn’t ‘punny’ like my fiancé but the two of them make me just as happy as mac and cheese, Smartfood popcorn, and charcuterie — not necessarily all at once. I like to contort my body in different positions until an instructor tells me not to. I believe that any mental benefit from yoga is cancelled out within 3 minutes on the TTC but can be restored with neatly organized fridges, closets or projects. I believe that everyone who eats mushy foods is living on the edge and that ketchup on beef tacos is under-appreciated. I feel that it would be a tough call on what I would love more; a racoon holding a basket of office supplies or an all day reality TV marathon. If you’re taking notes or adding this bio to a spreadsheet of other excellent bios, you are my spirit animal and we can watch crime shows or bake together. I believe that my job is to make your life easier by seeing the bigger picture and and making sense of the details.


Dallas Kwok

Intern Designer

I’ve been lucky to live in cities with a view of the Bank of China Tower, the CN Tower, and the World Condos Tower (it’s in Markham). My favourite view is when I’m sitting in front on my laptop with a perfectly steeped cup of tea, editing photographs from my travels. I believe that loving both Soylent and food solids isn’t mutually exclusive. I think that most people can’t really taste cheese or sour cream in their burritos. Rocks beat scissors. Podcasts beat music. Rock Climbing while listening to podcasts beats everything. I believe that process should evolve but the oxford comma is forever, that there is nothing more noble than the pursuit of knowledge, and my regard for Apple AirPods is inversely proportionate to my disregard of how dumb I look wearing them.


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We recognize that we've got it pretty not bad. We've got great clients, a great team and we've worked on some great projects. We also think that having a great big heart is good for everyone. We are committed to helping organizations that do great work in any way we can.

  • 2015 Holiday Gift: Build Things

    Gingerbread house and branded cutting board. Donation to Habitat for Humanity

  • 2013 Holiday Gift: World is Better with a Smile

    Lunch box filled with Candy and Cookies and donation to Right to Play

  • 2012 Holiday Gift: Eat by colours

    A painter's palette of cupcakes 
& donation to SKETCH Toronto

  • 2010 Holiday Gift: Spread the Light

    Laser cut desk lantern with tea light and a donation to Right To Play

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